Come Up For Air In The MARAIS

Come Up For Air In The MARAIS
Remember your old friend oxygen?
Paris - 4ème

Take a deep breath.

Inhale that beautiful Parisian pollution.

That sweet smell of metro. The excellent flavour of exhaust fumes and that Michelin-starred carbon monoxide.

We appreciate our city for so many things, but when it comes to air quality, Paris gets a nice and fair 'Room for Improvement'.

What a happy coincidence then, that the new strikingly beautiful studio Le Centre Élément has just opened in the Marais and is dedicated to our old friend oxygen.

So let’s go through the relevant elements:

Air (the oxygen)

Before entering class, make use of the le Centre’s oxygen machine, le Bol d’Air Jacquier, by sitting down and breathing in the incoming air for 1 to 3 minutes.

As all you yogis know, at the end of a good class you are generally taking deeper, longer breaths that leave you both strangely zen and active. So imagine the energising effect of starting off the class this way.

The fancy patented system of the machine distils an active ingredient derived from pine resin that improves the transport of oxygen to the cells. It also smells like you’re in a calm Croatian forest. Which is never a bad thing.


Fire (the exercise)

Come for hard-to-find-in-Paris classes such as Tai Chi, Kundalini yoga, Body Rolling, Improvised Dance as well as Pilates, Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. Timetable is here. Also check their Facebook for the super weekend workshops.

Earth (the shop)

Step into your Scandinavian dream shop that doubles as the studio reception, where you can purchase an (earthy) plant for some ongoing oxygen.

Don’t be surprised if you suddenly realise your living room also absolutely needed a hand-made oversized dreamcatcher that cost you half your rent. We understand. C'est plus fort que vous ( c'était plus fort que nous).

Water (the juice)

Keep the O2 coming after class with a chlorophyll-filled green juice - a superfood that is also incidentally known to help heal oxidative damage in the body.

Ether (the nap)

If there are no classes on, Le Centre Élément also conveniently caters to those in need of a nap in between bouts of Marais shopping marathons. Plonk yourself on one of their large natural linen poufs with an eye mask, an organic tea and headphones that radiate relaxing music, and allow yourself to be transported…into the ether.


7 Rue des Guillemites, 75004, Paris

Open Monday - Saturday 9h-21h & Sundays for workshops

Timetable and reservations here

Bol d'Air Jacquier oxygen machine €5 for 3 minutes  

Trial yoga/pilates class €10, thereafter €22, package deals available

Pause Sieste / Detente €10 for 30minutes, €15 for one hour