The renaissance of healthy Parisian cuisine
Paris - 3ème, 11ème, 18ème

Remember those dark, dark years in Paris where the best menu choice you could make amongst all the croques and bavettes was an omelette champi, hold the fries?

Remember reading about far away lands where people were turning to plant-based diets, and you would beg friends on trips abroad to bring back suitcases full of Wholefoods?

Oh the abundance of chia seeds! The mountains of activated almonds! And suddenly… You were down to the last precious pack. Then it was back to the bavette s'il vous plait. And send some baguette on the side. When in Rome.

Well fast-forward to 2016 and those days are nothing but a distant memory of your digestive tract.

Today we live in a jungle, a luscious chlorophyll-packed Parisian jungle, of all things pH-balanced; where vegan restaurants, juice bars and trendy-cum-healthy cafés are leading a revolution against all that is common and Costes.

So move over Michelin, let us point you in the right direction for a tour of our favourite Parisian dishes you need to know now.

The matcha cappuccino at Umami Matcha Cafe

You need a caffeine hit. Forgo the coffee and get yourself a steaming cup of matcha which will balance your need for speed with a healthy dose of antioxidants. The space is big, bright and perfect for weekday and weekend enjoyment. It also conveniently caters to all your rare Japanese grocery needs.


22, rue Béranger, 3ème

Tuesday-Saturday 8h30-18h30

The avocado toast with ricotta, ginger and chilli flakes at Café Oberkampf

This place opened in 2015 but something keeps on bringing us back. And that something is most likely their killer avo toast. Or maybe it’s their shakshuka (that's baked eggs in a spicy tomato sauce to the uninitiated). Then again it’s probably the toasted banana bread with salted butter. Who are we kidding, it’s all of the above.


3 rue Neuve Popincourt, 11ème

Monday, Thursday, Friday 8h30-17h

Saturday and Sunday 9h30-17h

The eggs benedict with langoustine on a squid-ink bun at Hardware Société

Not that we’re partial to anything Australian (except everything), but this brand new Aussie brunch hotspot is your new saving grace on a Sunday morning if you have a hankering for a healthy-style burger. Do you best to bypass their famous pain perdu piled high with layers of lamington, chocolate ganache, toasted coconut and red berries. So it's really not a question of if, but when.


10, rue Lamarck, 18ème 

Thursday to Monday 9-16h15