Our Headquarters Of Health In PARIS

Our Headquarters Of Health In PARIS
Its the 21st century type of wellness
Paris, 2ème

It’s a gym! It’s a co-working space! It’s a café!

It’s suuuuperman!

No, sorry. It’s actually Chez Simone.

Ignore the mildly lame introduction and let’s focus on this new healthy headquarters that’s the coolest thing about to open in our city.

The dark ages are over

For too long now, your Parisian sporting/yoga/breakfast/lunch/brunch/massage and co-working options have been limited to inconveniently separate institutions.

But now there’s

Chez Simone: The new 200 sq-m apartment on rue de Rivoli that is the result of what happened when the founders of Je Suis Bonne and Mademoiselle Run put all of the aforementioned things into a (Vitamix) blender and hit HIGH

You’ll arrive

Into a big bright space that is beautifully decorated and has an authentic aura of bien-être. We can't show you photos yet because it's still half under construction - but whoever Simone is, trust us, she has excellent taste.

You’ll participate

In one of the sports classes that run from 7h30 to 20h30 and that are a glorious combination of on-trend workouts including Pilates, Dance, Yoga, Full Body Workout, Abs and Butt Training, Circuit Training, HIIT, California Barre, Boxing, Core Training, Run Mixte and Run Women Only.

You’ll want to be fed

Breakfast and lunch. Naturally. Enjoy a healthy home-cooked affair featuring favourites like toast avocat oeuf mollet and banana bread in the café.

You’ll stay the afternoon

To chill in the lounge area, making friends with like-minded sporty strangers. Or to spend time with your laptop in the cozy co-working environment.

You’ll be seduced

Into a massage by the best masseur in France. Literally. He won the n1 prize at the 2016 Spa Practitioner Awards. Now those are awards that need further investigation.

You’ve got time

To prepare yourself for your new & improved lifestyle. It opens on September 26.

You'll just be lacking

Dinner. The only thing they don't provide. So at some point you’re going to need to (unwillingly) vacate the premises.

How did we know

About this before anyone else in Paris?

Just doing our (unpaid) job.

You’re welcome


226 rue Saint-Denis, 75002

Timetable here

Breakfast from €15, lunch from €20

Class price from €24 with package discounts available