We track down cool yoga retreats and share actually-useful Ayurvedic tips.

How to be healthy according to Ayurveda?

In Ayurveda, the ultimate act of self-care is to learn to follow the rhythms of nature.
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Dosha in couples

Is it better to date someone from the same dosha or rather a complementary dosha to navigate the ocean of love? Explanations.
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What is the Kapha Dosha?

Oprah, Scarlett Johansson, Jane from Jane The Virgin, Pacey from Dawsons. The Kaphas are in the house.
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What is the Pitta Dosha?

Samantha from Sex & The City. Monica from Friends. Madeline from Big Little Lies. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter Defs all Pittas. See parallels with your personality? Let's deep dive.
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What is the Vata Dosha?

Dawson from Dawson's Creek. Charlotte from Sex & the City. Phoebe from Friends. Elmo from Sesame Street. The common thread apart from our questionable taste in TV? Yep, all Vatas.
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Ayurvedic constitution : the difference  between your Prakriti and your Vikriti.
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